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Yes. New Boeing 777 aircrafts are for PM Modi, President Kovind and VP Naidu indeed !

Gaurav Pandhi, a twitter user through a tweet claimed that the BJP government at center had bought 2 new luxury Boeing jets for PM Modi.

This led many people to believe that the Government has indeed bought the jets amid COVID-19 outbreak for Prime Minister Modi.

However it should be made clear that the information so shared unearths a bit of truth underneath

One, the jets though not purchased in recent times yet the government did place an order to procure two Boeing 777-300ER from american manufacturer Boeing way back in January 2018.

The Jets were served to Air India in 2018 itself and were also sent for retrofitting to carry VVIPs that too in 2018 and now currently are being customized at Dallas facility of Boeing.

Now the delivery is scheduled to take place in months to come.

Secondly, the procurement of Jets are not intended to serve officially to PM Modi’s alone but also to the President and the Vice President, too.

At present, though these dignitaries use Boeing 747 for their official travels yet it is claimed that these aircraft went low on performance with almost 25 years in service hence incapable to fly non-stop to distant place like North America.

The new Boeing 777s can take a long flight to distant routes and its prominent features include mid air refueling to further extend the range, state of the art missile defence system, Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and Self-Protection Suites (SPS).

basically, the issue of the funds that have been spent as hinted by Gaurav Pandhi was already been paid way back in 2018 which is now being finding its place in the subsequent annual budgets.

The actual cost of procurement for these Jets cannot be determined due the fact that prices are incremental since 2006 however the equipment and the spare bought together are estimated to be around Rs 8,458 Cr in INR terms.

An estimated Rs 4,741.85 crore allocated by the government over the past two years — 2018/19 and 2019/20 and a total of Rs.810 Cr in recent budget.

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