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Three Lockdowns in a row cost 385 Non Virus Deaths, Study reveals

An internet connection, cell phone, payment gateway and a know how on how to book your seat from Delhi to around 15 cities is all required if you want to go back to your place.

The passengers trains will now be open to get your seat booked only through the website of IRCTC.

A press note titled “Gradual Resumption of Select Passenger Services by Indian Railways” is been released by Press Information Bureau, the official scribe to Government of India on 10th May 2020.

These 15 trains are for a total of 30 journeys altogether and no person would be allowed to enter the platform without a valid confirmed ticket.

Some 300 trains would also be started on new routes on the basis of coaches remains everyday and such trains would then be called as “Shramik Special” for stranded migrants. 

As on 10th May 2020, a total of 366 “Shramik Special” trains have been operationalized from various states across the country, in which 287 trains had reached its destination and 79 trains are in transit.

As of now, though 62,939 confirmed cases of corona virus infection and more than 2100 death till date s, India Inc. finally surrendered to the popular demand to open the transit.

When countries such as New Zealand started reporting low to none cases everyday since march, the central government is blundering in corona virus efforts with its rapidly changing decisions on mass transit.

Seven-day rolling average of new cases, by number of days since 10 average cases first recorded

A handful of 26 cases on 15th March ballooned to around 3000 everyday till 9th May 2020. This is though no sign of any success yet the decision to not to open up the train routes has its own consequences.

Almost everyday, we come across the news of migrants being on the way to their places are getting killed due to reason not confined to inaccessibility of food, water and shelter but also the restlessness, accidents and tragic event among others.

This took at least 195 lives all due to instantaneous declaration of lock-down.

The game theory behind the first lockdown which asked for a voluntary 14 hours of curfew on 22nd March and the very next day without even giving any prior information made the people to stick to the place where they are.

On 24 March 2020, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days.

Crores of people fell into misery of homelessness, joblessness and even not been allowed to move to the place where they can have two square meals.

Since then, the situation is getting even worse. The Print on 13th April have had covered this under the title of “Human Cost of Lockdown”. Of all these 195 deaths, 53 were caused by exhaustion, hunger, denial of medical care, or suicides due to lack of food or livelihood, The Print published.

Situation might have aggravated if their were no lockdown at all but the question of morality was never been wholeheartedly considered, not atleast till government came forward with a financial package though microscopic brought in some hope among stranded poeple.

The death of these entrapped and poor fellows is being on upward trajectory since 23rd March 2020

A research based on number of media reports as published by Thejesh GN, Public Interest Technologist from Bangalore reveals a total of 385 people have died amid countrwide lockdown and the deaths are not due to COVID-19. They called it the “Non-Virus Deaths”

Now to cover up the Centre is likely to launch a booklet in celebration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi completing a year since his party, the BJP, won the general elections for a second five-year term in 2019.

It will also incorporate the achievements to counter what is seen as not doing enough to help stranded and hungry migrant workers amid the lockdown.

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