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This is how ‘Indian version’ of lockdown failed to checkmate COVID-19

Hashtag culture in situations like recent pandemic

Way back in January when the very first case of corona virus been surfaced and then all through February it was never been necessitated to attempt to counter the spread of the corona virus infection.

The logic behind was nothing but a hashtag culture country generally follows once a situation like recent pandemic comes into existence.

The duty of nomenclatures and declarations of global diseases like COVID-19 is entrusted on a Global institution namely World Health Organization (W.H.O.) which though has no power to enforce its decision yet being an Institution took birth with global consensus put moral and International pressure on countries to execute the advisory of WHO.

India is no exception. However, a few circumstances evidently establish the senselessness of experimental approaches India followed in alleged fight against corona virus infection.

(No) Learning by Doing approach adopted by Modi Government

On 25th March, India declared its very first lockdown. By its name, it locked the people to the places where they are and closed the halted the common functioning of the countries in general.

The lockdown was announced with such a sharp mindset that the day before declaration people were requested to self-impose a day’s confinement to the places where they are and no clue about subsequent lockdown was given even to the chief ministers of the states.

The made people to believe that PM Modi wants to consolidate the National spirit to fight COVID-19 reluctantly the people responded with all their enthusiasm to make the appeal of PM Modi a success.

So, it was no way out for people once a day later they shocked to know that PN Modi now wants to keep people to the places when they were not mere a day now but upto 31st March and three more such since then follows.

The objective underneath a lockdown in any country is to restrict the movement of people so as to break the chain of contacts and let the corona virus not to spread subsequently.

All through the month of March, April and to this day of May, Most of the media houses all around in an attempt to get TRP followed one another and their efforts were confined to information, motivation and reflection of Governments’ efforts to contain the spread of infection.

“What’s left unsaid, says it all”

Unfortunately, no one raised the basic questions which now no decision maker can ever dare to answer.

  1. What prompt government to announce lockdown in a situation when there were a handful of corona virus cases surfaced and also the coronavirus carriers were all away from the country?
  2. Known for its efforts to provide houses to all till 2022 central government yet failed to estimate the massive homelessness that made lacs of low wage earners presently with no work, to ask merely to let them go to their villages so that they can have a two square meals and a house to keep their families safe.
  3. Aren’t people being allowed now to move to their homes carry the corona virus infection that too in a situation when no one around even in government can certify the legitimacy of the testing kits and ventilators?
  4. Why thermal testing kits were the only source to test though illogically the Corona virus infection. This is, just to mention, a massive failure on the part of India to restrict the induction of corona virus infection?

“The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.”
― Plato, The Republic

Health ministry have also had predicted ‘ZERO NEW CASES’ till 16th May yet we have around 6800 new cases in merely a day, i.e. on 21st May and the total now goes nearly 1,20,000.

Let alone the testing of all, we to this day have not even the reliance over the testing kits being used for the purpose.

The repeated assurances on a better outcome of the attempts by Modi government now have had turned absolutely false and the incremental infection cases are not hidden to anyone.

It is now wise enough to question the thought processes in government machinery since it is now evident that government has put its weapons down and turf is prepared no more to play the test matches.

For Instance, Hardeep Singh Chadha, Central civil aviation minister, stated recently that the air passengers are educated enough to obey the social distancing rules which is not a situation with that of poor people travelling all through the trains, hence it is not wise to keep a consecutive seat in flights to empty to maintain distance among people. However, being a minister, he might be active on the social platforms or at least have reading the newspapers which could eventually make him aware of the mass disobedience to social distancing norms. US, Britain, Sweden and such alike are no exception.

Nirmala Sitharaman , the central finance minister recently, even questioned the necessity of Rahul Gandhi, the congress leader being meeting with people walking over the road and advised him not to waste the time of these poor people! This strengthen a popular believe on the fact that ‘human beings can have biased mindset’

जरा भी शर्म नहीं आरही है इनको !

Posted by Sayantani Roy on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Now, being a member of the cabinet and also the cabinet, the supreme executive body to take all the strategic decisions on behalf of members of parliament must have a thought over to the annoyance it caused to crores of poor people while performing the executive functions with a “(No)Learning by Doing” approach.

Tushar Singh Sengar
A writing enthusiast and a keen observer. Through this platform i have envisioned to deliver authentic stories and information of public importance.

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