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Test of Rationality allow us to accept Amish Devgan’s Apologies

There is a lot of public cry around the recent remark on a Sufi saint by Amish Devgan, a TV anchor with News 18 India.

Muslim communities in India have filed FIR against News18 anchor Amish Devgan for his derogatory remarks against Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz.

A bite of the video is also been in circulation wherein he appears saying that “Lutera Chishti aaya……”

Once public outrage went on to escalate and #ArrestAmishDavgan started to trend on social media platforms such as Twitter he rushed to convey a clarification on what actually he meant and wanted to say.

Rationality behind Amish’s comment

He associated the word ‘Lutera’ with ‘Chishti’ and then clarified he was actually addressing to ‘Khilji’ yet mistakenly the words gone interchanged.

This calls for explanation of two things, One the word ‘Lutera’ itself which simply means the Robber, the one who commits robbery and second whether the word can actually be associated with Chishti ? The answer is obviously ‘No’.

The rationality behind Amish’s clarification which furthered into his belief in Khwaja Muinuddin Chisthi requires a bit of static knowledge to go through.

Who is Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti ?

Within the greater canvas of Sufi tradition of Islam their flourished a mystical order namely ‘Chishti’ order which is the first of the four main Sufi orders established at times.

The Chishti Order is primarily followed in Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent ,Pakistan and India and known for its emphasis on love, tolerance, and openness. It is a branch of the Adhamiyya order which was renamed as Chishtiyya after the 10th-century Sunni mystic Abū Isḥāq al-Shāmī (d. 942) migrated to Chishti Sharif, a town in the present-day Herat Province of Afghanistan in around 930, in order to preach Islam in that area.

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti: The highly revered preachers

Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti also known to Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz introduced the Chishti Order in Ajmer (Rajasthan, India) somewhere around middle of the 12th century.

He was born in 1141 in Iran. According to legend, he renounced his material belongings after coming in contact with Shaikh Ibrahim Qunduzi, a revered Sufi of that time.

He visited nearly all the great centres of Muslim culture and acquainted himself with important trends in Muslim religious life.

Later he became a disciple of the Chishti saint Uthman Haruni and accompanied him in his extensive travels of the Middle East, visiting Mecca and Medina.

His followers believe that after a dream in which Prophet Muhammad blessed him, he turned towards India.

Following a brief stay in Lahore he finally settled down in Ajmer. During the reign of Emperor Akbar, who revered the Sufis, Ajmer emerged as an important centre of pilgrimage in India.

Who are Khiljis ?

Khilji is referred to a muslim dynasty which ruled large parts of the Indian subcontinent between 1290 and 1320.

The Khilji dynasty succeeded the seven Slave Sultans who ruled Delhi between 1206 and 1290. The first Khilji sultan was Jalaluddin Khilji. His nephew Alauddin Khilji was also his son-in-law and his chief general. Alauddin had vast ambitions of his own and was ruthless, cruel, disloyal and cunning to boot.

The dynasty is known for their faithlessness and ferocity, conquests into Indian subcontinent.

Khilji’s popularity rest upon its most powerful most powerful emperor that ruled the Delhi Sultanate in the Indian subcontinent.

He undertook measures to impoverish Hindu chieftains.

The Reasonable Conclusion

Going through the text above it can easily be derived that the word ‘Lutera’ can in no way associated with the conducts of revered Sufi saint who neither involved in any economic activity nor he pursued any designation with the Rulers of his times in addition to the fact that Khawaja Muinuddin Chishti himself got settled down in Ajmer which doesn not allow anyone with rational mind to even think otherwise.

On the contrary, the Khilji’s by virtue of been Invaders and Emperors squeezed out the Indian wealth and played the Kingship with all the established historical evidences.

Therefore, the clarification by Amish Devgan as came out, if tested on historical facts and rationality appears to be acceptable.

If you have any fact or evidence or if acquainted with any of the fact which you think is of public importance, do reach us through [email protected]

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