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Rajasthan congress MLA was wrong over his claim of drinking alcohol can kill coronavirus, W.H.O. reaffirms

Know what Bharat Singh, the MLA from Kota’s Sangod seat claimed

A Jaipur MLA on 30th April in a letter to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot requested him to reopen the liquor shops.

He claimed that alcohol can kill corona virus in a similar manner an alcohol based sanitizer can.

In the letter, Bharat Singh also revealed that the illicit trade is being flourishing all due the restrictions over liquor shops to open amid corona outbreak.

He wrote, despite unavailability, the demand for alcohol is all prevalent and nowadays is being fulfilled by the illegal actors and middlemen.

Pointed also that the excise duty collection for the year is quite low and it is now hard to achieve what is targeted for the financial year 2020-21.

He tried to divert attention of CM Gehlot over the recent hike in the excise duty which words of Bharat Singh is a cause of low collection of the excise duty.

In conclusion, he requested to let the liquor shops be reopened as the corona virus can well be killed in the throat by alcohol itself, similar to what sanitizers do with skin.

What World Health Organization guides about relationship between Alcohol and Corona virus infection

World Health Organization (WHO) on 14th April 2020 has categorically said that it is in no way the alcohol can kill the corona virus and the restrictions over liquor sale must be imposed and the access should also be hindered to check alcohol disorder.

You Need to Know this, WHO asserts

WHO also clarified on the myths circulating around the usefulness of alcohol.

In a guidance “Alcohol and COVID-19: what you need to know”, WHO completely denied the fact that high strength alcohol (ethanol) can kill the corona virus.

It is also been revealed that the if ethanol especially if debased with methanol may result in grave consequences.

Is is a scientifically proven fact that besides a severe dent to mental health, Alcohol consumption may leads to a number of diseases, be it communicable or non communicable.

People with Alcohol induced disorder are at high risk and the medical and treatment services need to be very attentive while administering with medicines and also treating such people, WHO added.

WHO also reasserted that alcohol is responsible for 30 Lacs of deaths a year, all over the world. In European region alcohol victimize a lot many.

The region is known not only for highest number of alcoholic people but the highest number of people with alcohol disorder and also the resultant deaths.

Keep in Mind, Alcohol does not cure anything

The greater harm associated with the excessive consumption of alcohol is highlighted rightly by WHO amid COVID-19 pandemic, which in the view of UNwire might not be known to Bharat Singh, the MLA from Kota’s Sangod seat.

Click Here to read full ‘Fact Sheet’ by World Health Organization

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