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Merely 100 among 1049 Vehicles are not buses, that too on papers. A Few propagandized otherwise

Chain of Events

 Congress had offered to run 1,000 buses to take stranded workers home.

UP government has accused the Congress leader of “fraud” by sending a list of buses in which most registration numbers belong to autos, two-wheelers and goods carriers.

UP government on 19th May agreed to Priyanka Gandhi’s request to allow the Congress to run 1,000 buses for migrants.

An official of UP government wrote to Priyanka Gandhi asking that the buses be handed over at state capital Lucknow on Tuesday

Sandeep Singh, Priyanka Gandhi’s private secretary, questioned why buses should travel empty from the state’s borders, where they are right now, all the way to Lucknow

UP government wrote an amended letter to the Congress leader, this time asking for 500 buses each to be sent to Noida and Ghaziabad that border Delhi.

Priyanka Gandhi’s office wrote again to UP, saying the buses could be sent only by 5 pm as permits would take more time.

the UP government has now alleged that the Congress list of buses includes the registration numbers of two-wheelers and autos.

Selective approach towards broadcasting the story

A Number Media houses ran propaganda around the illegitimacy of registration certificates and other documents despite lacking the evidence or official reports on the truthfulness of the episode.

Zee News
Republic Bharat

879 buses are fit to move and could be used to get migrants to their places

Widely shared over the twitter

On 19th March 2020, Despite most of the buses so sent by the congress leader are all ready with proven legitimacy of the certificates, UP government kept the issue in turmoil and didn’t allowed even such buses to be utilized for migrants movement.

Priyanka Gandhi requested to let the buses carry the migrants with even BJP banners over the buses if they like to.

ABN News broadcast a news covering the protest by bus drivers over bad quality of food

A few twitter handles shared the images of registration numbers of vehicles though could be counted on the fingers.

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