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Max Healthcare is ‘selling’ the COVID-19 treatment at abnormal prices

Max hospital is a part of a Mega Corporate founded in 2010 and chaired by Abhay Soi, an MBA from European University, Belgium in healthcare sector, known to be ‘Max Healthcare Institute Limited‘. The Organization has a network of 14 hospitals with treatment across all 29 specialties.

Apart from Max Healthcare Institute Limited, Abhay Soi is the Founder of ‘Radiant Life Care Private Limited’ too which when merged with Max Healthcare Institute Limited and therefore resulted in the 2nd largest hospital company in India in terms of revenue.

To this day, the group has around 10 Keys peoples on Board, employs over 24,000 people including 2600 doctors and 6000 Nurses with a combined turnover in excess of Rs. 4000 crores.

The Delhi government in December 2017 had cancelled the licence of Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh for alleged medical negligence including the twins case in which one of the babies was found alive after being declared dead by the doctors however the license resumed with a decision by Appellate Authority

The group nowadays is in public eye due to it’s sky rocketing fees and prices for even the apparatus and equipment which have their prices open to market and also are much lower to what the hospitals functioning under the umbrella of Max Healthcare charge for COVID-19 treatment facilities.

Charges for COVID-19 care at incorporated hospitals shows that how this Pandemic is used by corporates to earn money only. Govt. should set a max. limit for these Private Hospitals.

The chart below comparatively displays the abnormalities in fees and prices of Max Hospital vis a vis the same market in Delhi

PackageMax Hospital DelhiMarket Price/Fee
PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Kit₹ 3900 (& upwards)₹936
Bronchoscopic procedures (allow doctors to see inside the lungs of patients)₹9,500₹1,575
Chemoport Insertion ( placing a device under your skin that gives vascular access for IV therapies and injecting contrast materials for scanning tests. This placement provides easy access to your blood stream.)₹42,000₹25,000
Biopsies (sample of tissue taken from the body in order to examine it more closely)₹6,750₹1000
Ascitic/Pleural tapping₹4,388₹500
COVID Testing (could not exceed the upper limit set by the Indian Council for Medical Research, i.e. ₹4,500)₹4,500₹1,500
CT Scan₹9,000₹1,000 – ₹9,650
MRI₹12,000₹2,500 – ₹7,800
PET Scan₹27,600₹9,900 – ₹21,999

Figures in Rupees, Red: Max Hospital Delhi, Green: Market Price

Malini Aisola of advocacy group All India Drug Action Network said the Indian Council for Medical Research, the lead testing government agency, never shared the complete cost structure of the tests to explain how the Rs 4,500 figure was arrived at.

A twitter user writes

Another user writes,

Apparently, Max hospitals must be buying all the required things as costs less than you have mentioned yet the charge for the management is vague and unacceptable.

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