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India lives also in it’s toilets. A curious case of lockdown aftermath

Quarantine is basically a preventive measure to prevent further spread of COVID-19 pandemic and also an effective tool to let quarantined person be cured under monitored condition .

Since corona virus disease begin taking attention of the governments all over the world, people are being quarantined in many different facilities such as isolation wards, schools, hostels and even the 5 star hotels, to name a few.

Unfortunately, in India, those undergoing such isolation period are not even being provided with a basic facilities.

Recently, A photograph emerged on the social media in which a family can be seen quarantined even in a Government school’s toilet, in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh.

This has caused much resentment among the people who took on the twitter to show their anger against the M.P government with the trends such as #शिवराज_शर्म_करो

The man shown in the picture above is been identified as Bhaiyalal Sahariya, a manual labourer. Sahariya accompanied with his wife are believed to have traveled to the state’s Rajgarh district, with their children, to work as labourers. After completing the job, they returned to Todara village Saturday evening.

Uproar by the opposition in Madhya Pradesh

After the news been surfaced, the opposition lead by Congress Party lashed out at Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and former party colleague Jyotiraditya Scindia, the former Guna MP who is now in the BJP.

Local Authoritys’ response to allegation

Guna District Collector S. Vishwanath said that, the family had to be quarantined at the school because their relatives refused to take them in.

Jitendra Singh Dhakre, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Raghogarh town in Guna, told  that the family had been kept at the school since their arrival. “However, he got drunk and somehow sneaked into the toilet. He also had food there. His wife was with him,” he added

“On Saturday evening, when they tried to visit some relatives, the villagers stopped them from doing so, citing fears of coronavirus infection. Their relatives also refused to accommodate them in their house due to a lack of space,” Dhakre said.

The family, he claimed, was then moved onto the premises of a local school Saturday night.

The defense raises eyebrows even merely looking at the picture as the metal pot to drink water is well placed in the toilet itself which falsifies the claim of CEO Jitendra Singh Dhakre of man been drunk and went into toilet somehow.

Ruling Party BJP trade in to rescue government

The BJP has denied the allegations made by the Congress. They said, no sane person can do that with the people. No person with common sense can ask anyone to stay inside a toilet,” said BJP spokesperson and former MP Prof. Chintamani Malviya.

The district administration has ordered an inquiry and the entire truth will be revealed after the investigation, the ruling party told.

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