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Highest ever allocation to MNREGS to which PM once called living spark of Congress’ failures

On assuming office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi realised that shutting down the MNREGS (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme) was not practical.

PM Modi while delivering a speech in Parliament in the year 2015 stated “Sometimes it is said that you have stopped MNREGS …. In one subject you must believe that my political understanding is fair enough……. My political understanding guide me to never let MNREGA be stopped, I can’t make such a mistake since MNREGA is a living spark of your (Congress) failures.”

He added “Even after 60 years of independence, you had to send people to dig pits, this is a memorial of your failures. I will keep publicize it ever after.”

“I will tell the people that the pits you are digging are the result of the last 60 years.” So do not doubt my political understanding. MNREGA will remain there with all the pride (Taunts Congress) however we will add whatever would then be necessary to improve it further”

The Video though older than 5 years yet alive enough to get the attention of the people to this day also.

Viewer Ditul kalita wrote 3 weeks ago “Modi ji, now please explain of infusing 40k cr…”

Another Viewer Abhish Chorasiya writes “Modi Ji ne aaj 40 Hajar Crore Mnrega me Dale. Aaj modi ji ne logo ko gadde khod ne ke liye majboor kiya he…woh bhi 6 sal ke shasan ke bad.”

On 17th May while releaseing information on an allocation of Rs. 40,000 Cr PIB (Press Information Bureau, i.e. Government’s Scribe) writes,

Now, on 08 JUN 2020, PIB released a note with a Headline, “Highest ever allocation of Rs. 1,01,500 crore made under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS during financial year 2020-2021; a sum of Rs. 31,493 crore has already been released”

As added further the focus of is on works related to water conservation and irrigation, plantation, horticulture and Individual Beneficiary works for livelihood promotion clarifies on the format of work which appears to be manual in nature.

Sonia Gandhi stated, “The idea was simple behind the launch of MNREGS: Any citizen in rural India now had the legal right to demand work and was guaranteed 100 days of work with minimum wages provided by the government”

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