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Devices used in first-aid by first-responders are “Ventilators” for Gujarat CM Rupani

10 things you need to know

  1. On 4 April, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani made an statement that local industrialists in merely 10 days has successfully manufactured the Ventilators and has also certified the proper functioning of the same.
  2. “The face behind this accomplishment was Parakram Singh of Jyoti CNC (JYOTI CNC AUTOMATION LTD.)”, Vijay Rupani stated. Henceforth, Parakram SIngh supplied 1000 such machines free of cost to fight COVID-19s’ emergency cases under corporate social responsibility norms.
  3. He further added, “all the protocols, design, supply procedures, etc were up to the mark.
  4. Vijay Rupani even entitled the Ventilators being a massive success under Make of India initiative.
  5. A total of 230 of such devices so gifted by Jyoti CNC were deployed to Ahmedabad City hospital, the biggest COVID-19 facility of its kind in the state. Vijay Rupani himself inaugurated the Induction of Ventilators and the same were labled as “DHAMAN-1”.
  6. For these ventilators were not functioning the way it should be, the hospital superintendent JV Modi wrote to the Gujarat Medical Services Corporation Limited (GMSCL) requesting 50 high-end ICU ventilators.
  7. Civil hospital head of anesthesia, Shailesh Shah said, “Luckily, until now, we used these ventilators on very few occasions, as high-end ventilators were available with us in enough numbers. “Dhaman-1 is not a good replacement for high-end ventilators, but it can be used in dire emergency when you have nothing else at hand.” Shailash Shah added.
  8. The state health principal secretary, Jayanti Ravi has said that the devices will be upgraded by the manufacturing company. “The ventilator was tested and approved by Electronics and Quality Development Centre (EQDC),” she said.
  9. Ahamadabad Mirror on 18th May 2020 published, “Rupani’s friend from Rajkot who donated the ventilators and what was set up at Civil hospitals were not exactly ventilators.” This surfaced the fact that the devices were not exactly the ventilators but Ambu Bags.
  10. “Although sources close to the government have said the chief minister had never called them ‘ventilators’ in the first place, the press note shared in the article suggests otherwise” The press note also states, “Rajkot-based private company Jyoti CNC had developed the ventilator ‘Dhaman-1’ in a very short period of just 10 days. The manufacturing cost of DHman-1 is less than Rs 1 Lakh per piece. This great achievement would add a new feather to PM Narendra Modi’s dream campaign of Make in India. The Quit wrote while sharing a picture of press note sourced all through Ahamadabad Mirror.

Ahmedabad Mirror has also reported that these ventilators did not have a license from the Drug Controller General of India and were installed after only one person was tested on it before Rupani launched it on April 5. Both the chief minister and his deputy, Nitin Patel were present when the machine was tested on a patient.

What Makes Ventilators different from Ambu Bags ?

VentilatorsAmbulatory Bags
Price: Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000Price: Rs 1,500 – Rs 3,000
Most-effective in treating acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or severe breathing issuesUsed in first-aid by first-responders. They are also used by anesthetists in operation theatres
Can read the pressures on the ventCan’t read them on the bag
The ventilator has different attachments that allow for oxygen supply at varied rates and provide constant monitoring of other vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels etc.The ambu bag has to be manually operated to keep a person breathing, forcing air into their lungs.

The After Effects

“The Narendra Modi government is procuring 5,000 ventilators from a Rajkot-based firm which has already been accused of supplying breathing machines to Ahmedabad’s largest COVID-19 hospital that doctors there say are not up to the mark”, The Wire wrote.

It is now open to all that Gujarat has second highest cases of Corona Virus Infection and more than 300 deaths in Ahamadabd civil hospital gives reason to opposition and also the public at large to question the legitimacy of Vijay Rupani’s decision on the induction of such a device in the name of Ventilators.

Puducherry and Maharashtra have placed orders for ‘Dhaman-1 however CM V.Narayanswami after the row announced the cancellation of orders for Puducherry.

Gujarat Congress raise the issue with an added pinpointing to licensing of such devices.

Roxy Gagdekar through his twitter account had also raised doubt on Dhaman device while highlighting the death of his brother in law.

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