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Corona virus infection with sperm? “It cannot be assumed from research done on only 38 people”

Now the personal life of the people is also not safe, both the media and research are not deterred by applying spices in the same way. Chinese scientists have claimed that coronavirus infection has also been confirmed in the sperm of men.

Meaning if a person is corona infected, then by making a physical connection, their partner can also be infected, which can spread the disease by sneezing, coughing and touch, then it became a big thing.

ABS CBN News, a leading media group of Philippines has published a news that according to this corona virus infection has now reached the sperm. According to the alleged research, Chinese scientists have even called it STD (sexual transmitted disease) and have told that some patients have got corona infection in their sperm even after recovering.

The sample size of the research based on which this thing has gone somewhere was very small. That is to say, it has been concluded on the basis of only 38 people, which is surprising.

However, the University of Sheffield in Britain has not accepted any such thing completely.

According to the university, the sample size should be high enough to come to the conclusion of any research.

Whether or not the corona virus can remain active in the sperm for a long time is also a matter of research, as well as there are no concrete facts about its survival in the sperm.

The British University said that only on these grounds can any concrete conclusion be arrived at.

Aaj Tak has published this research by Chinese scientists on 8 May, but has not mentioned anything said by the researchers elsewhere.

ABS CBN News itself has told in its news that it has also been confirmed by Chinese scientists that more research is needed on this subject yet SARS-CoV-2 that mere presence in spermatozoa cannot be said to be correct. That it is active and capable of causing infection.

At the same time it is also said that infections sperm is nothing new, it was in Zika and Ebola virus infection.

Although not directly scrutinizing the facts by some news groups, ABS directly added its own headline by tweeting the news of CBN News.

A professor at Queen’s University Belfast has also reiterated that such a small sample size is not enough to reach such a big conclusion and nothing can be said about the far-reaching effects of infection on men.

The FIRST POST newspaper directly stamped that infection could spread through physical relationships.

And on some other websites, the infection has started to affect the fertility of men.

Finally, it can be said that it is too early to come to any conclusion regarding corona infection in sperm and its effect. It is better to let science choose its own path and accept the truth of any one only when a world opinion is formed on the facts.

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