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Approval Ratings for PM Modi is based merely on 0.003% Indians, Morning Consult’s data reveals

A survey published by ‘Morning Consult Political Intelligence’ discloses the statistics which graphically shows the acceptability of decisions by popular leaders amid Corona Virus Infection outbreak.

The sample size (i.e. the people who have been interviewed to get on to the conclusion) of the survey has large gap between US and Non-US leaders.

It is in total turn out to be 7,32,056 people those have been interviewed to assess the approval rate of US President Trump and a mere 46, 688 were interviewed in a period between 1st January to 14th January 2020 to get on to the conclusion for Non-US (Other then United States) politicians including PM Modi.

The Central Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman went on to Twitter in an attempt to certify the Modi’s followership amid distressed situations of COVID-19 outbreak.

While sharing the survey results on 22nd April, Nirmala Sitharam writes,

The two images those have been shared has at their bottom written clearly the values for sample size and the associated time period.

By doing a simple math, it is evident that the positioning of Non-US leaders including PM Modi was based on a few people those were interviewed to conclude the findings.

This conveys a mere 0.003% of almost 135 Cr people from India were interviewed in the exercise and Morning Consult, a US based data Intelligence Company henceforth released the data certifying the Approval ratings of World leaders as remain elevated as outbreak continues.

The popular response over such data also reveals otherwise.

A twitter user labeled the survey being sycophantic

A few people and also a handful of Media houses had shared and highlighted the survey statistics and the outcome as released by Morning Consult yet they failed to get into the details of the survey which might have brought in their mind a reason to question its legitimacy in massively populous country such as India.

Also, the comparison of US and Non-US leaders were based on very different sample size.

UNwire team has also wrote to Morning Consult to share the detailed survey statistics and the methodology employed so that a much comprehensive analysis may be shared with the readers.

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