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Amit Shah’s Political agenda for Bihar in the name of Virtual Rally for COVID-19 Warriors

While initiating Virtual rally in Bihar the Home Minister Amit Shah stated that, “Virtual rally is nothing to do with the Bihar elections but to connect to thousands people who regardless of self concern and the life and also being COVID-19 worriers are serving to overcome the situation.

He thanked the BJP National President that through permitting him to organize 75 virtual rallies has given him an opportunity to connect with the public.

However he didn’t appear to be committed to his statement and proceeded eventually to add statements that were far from the relevancy to the subject.

He through the rally grabbed the chance to promote and praise the BJP Government’s conducts and the PM Modiji along with criticizing the Congress and the then PM Indira Gandhi for alleged misdoings.

He stated This is not a rally to sing the praises of a political party. This rally is to connect the public in the war against Corona and to lift their spirits.

“After independence, when the leader of the Congress Party, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, tried to strangle democracy by imposing emergency, it was the people of Bihar who once again worked to establish democracy by organizing the JP movement.”

Further adds, “Eastern India’s contribution to GDP was very high at the time of independence, but the way governments have run since independence, they turned their back on the development of Eastern India and the result was that East India fell behind.”

Also, “Modi ji has made an effort to bring light in the lives of crores of poor people within six years, whose biggest benefit has been to the people of my eastern India.”

*Bihar’s growth rate was 3.9% when RJD was ruling, it reached 11.3% under Nitish Kumar; state moved from ‘lalten raj’ to ‘LED’ Raj.

“Some NGO has told Rahul Gandhi that speaking loudly will loudly will get him more votes.”

He adds, “When Modi ji said for the first time inside Parliament that my government would work for the poor, dalits, tribals, backward people, some people quoted Indira Gandhi as saying that Indira ji also used to talk about poverty, Indira ji Gone and poverty remained there. He did not know then that BJP leader Narendra Modi ji has spoken words, he does what he says.”

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