About Us

Nowadays we routinely come across such news, political statements, viral messages and social media stories which appears to be true and we without knowing the authenticity of information, make our mind up about the truthfulness of such information accordingly. It is however obvious that the credibility of not all of such information can be ascertained by merely relying upon whatever is being available to read or to view and due to paucity of time and little usefulness in our daily life this is not always so important too to dig out the evidences behind any such information.

Resultantly, we at UNWIRE MEDIA thought of to be such eyes and ears for you so that you can evidently decide upon the credibility of such information. By doing this, we also try to fulfill our duty as a human being and as a true Indian for we want you to check the authenticity of such news, political statements, viral messages and social media posts without dedicating much of your time.

We have started as a team of six from diverse backgrounds. We have set a vision to detect as many fake news and false claims as possible to eventually make the analysis available for you to decide upon the correctness of such information along evidences we relied upon.